Minding the Gap


Finding your thought partner just got a little easier.

Meet. Match. Do.

Research can be costly. Data collection can be overwhelming. Impact of ideas can be elusive.  SAM convenes a different kind of knowledge market to bring ideas, work, and people who want to do something together. . .

  • What if the advocate working on policy about gender employment, matched up with a scholar researching the pattern of workforce opportunities for women?

  • What if the scholar researching gender violence, matched up with an advocate working on domestic violence?

  • What if the community practitioner working on health and employment access opportunities for people who are formerly incarcerated, matched up with a scholar studying community renewal and development?        


SAM is creating a space to fill the gap so that scholars and advocates can Meet, Match, and DO SOMETHING TOGETHER.

Whether you are in need of a match up for collaboration on immediate or long-term projects, developing a study, producing a report, authoring an article, drafting policy, analyzing data, needing an expert opinion – SAM wants you to Meet, Match, Do.


Get started by completing your profile, search for your thought partner, and message your potential match about your inquiry.

Keep a lookout for announcements of opportunities and other helpful resources to inform and inspire your collaborative work.