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There are two types of rotary valves: Horizontal rotary valve and vertical rotary valve, according to different working conditions. Vertical rotary valves is applied in the discharging of steamed complete round soybean, as the impact of the discharge is very small, and the breaking rate of round soybean is low.

The horizontal rotary valve adopts the non-contact small clearance seal structure the sealing surface is not easy to wear. The clearance between the rotor and the enclosure is small and the clearance can be adjusted. The water cooling system inside the rotor prevents the material from sticking to the surface of the valve cavity, realizing the smooth transportation of the material, and it is very easy to clean after use.

The rotary valves are designed with high precision, and manufactured and assembled with high demand. The steam consumption is minimized which greatly reduce the cost. Electrical interlocking is applied, which is safe and reliable, and ensures the continuous operation of the entire production line.Soybeans Extract Equipment quotation

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As the manual handling device, the hand held winch works by turning its handle to drive its drum. It is manufactured with tiny construction and small weight, which is suitable for hauling or pulling light loads. Featured with the auto-brake, this hand winch puller can guarantee the safety during the braking and lowering. It is designed with special structure that could mounted on the wall or other places.

Model No.: BHW-2600
Lifting Capacity: 600kg
Pulling Capacity: 1200kg
Rope Specification: 8mm脳5m
Drum Diameter: 75mm
Gear Ratio: 10:1

鈽?nbsp;The material is stainless steel A304, which is light and solid. Because of the superior material, the hand winch can be used in severe environment, snow, dessert, mountain roads and etc.
鈽?nbsp;It can achieve the optimal efficiency for the spur gear drive.
鈽?nbsp;The specially auto-brake system improves the safety factor during operation.
鈽?nbsp;5 meters standard wire rope is equipped to achieve the long distance transport.

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Wellman Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. professionally supply series of winches. Whether driven by electricity or human power, they are featured with durable material, high safety factor and precised manufacturing process. Benefit from the excellent location, we can get the superior production conditions and achieve the port advantages.Wholesale Brake Hand Winch

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