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  • Profile picture of Claudia Johnson
    Claudia Johnson

    With a background on quantitative public policy and analysis and health care management--Claudia brings to online form projects and technology an empirical management perspective. With scarce resources in the realm of civil legal aid, she believes it is important to allocate resources based on real metrics, and verified best practices. She has supported multiple evaluations of document assembly projects in the area of online forms and technology, and also legal services delivery, including helpline project evaluations. Claudia is the Program Manager at LawHelp Interactive, and as such works to support over 500 organizations creating and promoting online forms to close the Justice Gap. In this capacity she works to identify and share best practices, and promotes sharing and collaboration between courts and legal aid, as well as by designing technology platforms and trainings that promote collaboration. This includes sharing about evaluation strategies and techniques of remote/online tools and services.

  • Profile picture of Radha.Friedman
    Radha Friedman

    I am passionate about the rights of women and girls, and have spent nearly two decades working on four continents to help strengthen women's access to land, funding, and justice. I currently work with the World Justice Project where I bring together unlikely collaborators and help fund and pilot their ideas to improve justice in their communities. We have supported 91 projects in 61 countries, and our research shows that the most successful projects involve multidisciplinary collaboration, so we are seeking funds to do more!