SAM believes that knowledge is power – and that we must use both to build a more inclusive and equitable society.  We aim to build an inclusive community of interdisciplinary scholars and advocates, where research and expertise match up to serve a greater good.



  •  As we pioneer new ways to create community, solve problems, and create new pathways to understand society, so many issues and so many minds await collaborative solutions that will bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

  • We must break down silos to re-imagine a more inclusive and equitable sense of the world: Justice. Health. Economics. Arts. Science. Technology. Environment. Culture.

  • The digital revolution is a pioneering time to either break or build community. We choose to build for a better future by democratizing knowledge and leveling the field to access data, analysis, and advocacy.

  • Interdisciplinary approaches are necessary to ensure an ethically responsible balance of inclusive and equitable solutions, informed by an iterative and dynamic process of research and advocacy in the real world.

  • Theories of change, data analysis, longitudinal, immediate, comprehensive or specific, expert witness, testimonials can come together not only to take research off the shelf and into the real world, but also to inform solutions for collective impact.



As a PopUpJustice production, inspired by the Founder’s vision to build community and a virtuous cycle of public good, SAM is a platform to pursue values that are a bit I.D.E.A.L.

INCLUSIVE.  An inclusive knowledge market will level the field of research and advocacy;

DYNAMIC.  The platform will be dynamic in its approach to matching expertise and needs.

EQUITABLE. To bring people together from a diversity of disciplines and perspectives is to also purposely create space for more access to knowledge, data, and change-maker opportunities for scholars and advocates otherwise facing barriers.

ADAPTIVE.  As we build a diverse and deep knowledge community, we aim to be agile and adapt to changing contexts.

LOVE JusticeAbove all, this is about building a community of people, originally inspired by a re-imagination of justice beyond the courtroom and halls of political power, and into the communities whose lives are affected by data and advocacy.  That’s you and me.